Welcome to our website

We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing quality affordable rental housing to low and middle income families.

In 1974 we received a generous donation from Mr. Don Carlson. The money was invested and grew for many years.  These funds have been used to acquire the following rental accommodation:

  • In 2003 a single family bungalow was purchased and a basement suite was developed
  • In 2005 our second single family bungalow was purchased and was rented out to the previous owner for six years.  A basement suite is to be developed.
  • A third single family bungalow was purchased in 2005 and is rented out.
  • In 2009 nine townhouse units were purchased and are leased to Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC) for ten years.  CRHC in turn rents the units to qualifying families under their affordable housing progams. 

Meadowcroft Family Housing Corp. has made loans from time to time to various charities to help them with their housing missions.

For more information please call:  780-454-5505